Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Make Fitness Fun!

Do you let yourself eat more or give yourself a treat if you exercise?  Have you ever said "this workout is going to earn me that bowl of ice cream!"? 

Researchers found that when people viewed their exercise as fun they ate less dessert, or were less likely to eat a tasty snack or drink after exercise. 

Personally, I love to play sports.  If I could organize a pick up basketball game at lunch time on our outdoor court I would use that as my exercise everyday.  To me, that is fun! 

So that begs the question--what is fun for you?

John Grainger MS, CSCS
Fitness Director


  1. I LOVE doing the aqua zumba classes at UVAC, and I use those as my "fun" class before I go sweat and work hard through one of Garret's shed n' shred classes. I get my "treat" before I sweat it out but it is all good!!